Mr Juan Ángel Visier Gil, superior architect, is the founder and director of Visier Architects, a company wich has devoted the last 35 years to building, integrated planning management, development of áreas and zones and the management of Compensation Boards and Urbanization.

Architecture and Urbanism are the social purposes of the company.

Visier Architects develops its activities throughout the whole peninsular territory and some foreign landscape, with a registered address in Vigo. It has outstanding modern facilities on a building of its property.

Regarding its human resources and equipments, Visier Architects has a workforce formed by Superior Technicians, Architects, Engineers, Designers and Draftsmen.

It also has a wide experience on Urban Legal Consultancy.

The company has a very distinctive work style, looking for a close relationship and contact with its different clients and a personalized treatment.

Our specialties are architectural design, naval and interiorism, having even producing a furniture line.

Our motto in construction is that the project becomes a perfect whole during the construction, with our specialists making the most of it.